Chris & Kim August 20, 2016

On Saturday August 20 On Beautiful Power Farm in Falmouth Maine, 2 very special, fun, hard working people tied the knot, and it was an amazing day.

Kim & Chris' wedding ceremony with Officiant, farm owner, and Kim's uncle, Tom PowerChris and Kim's wedding Ceremony

It's rare that I am able to work with a couple whom I feel genuinely connected and can call friends to this level. Chris and Kim are those people, and I somehow don't feel special, in that as I interacted with them and got a chance to hang out with them, I got the sense that they are simply very much that way. Warm, friendly, fun loving people both with sweet and wonderful families. In fact, their wedding was to take place on Kim's uncles farm in Falmouth. Neither Kim, nor Chris are from Maine, but you could have fooled me. They fit right in like the state was made for them!

It was a beautiful day, it got hot for a total of about 2 hours, but was a mildly cloudy, 70 degree day. The farm was beautiful with Sunflowers and many and varied crops in full bloom all over the farm. Jeremy, the brother of the bride, built a beautiful pergola to serve as a back drop for their ceremony at the back of the field while Jamie and Janet from Big Phil Records played a beautiful mix of Bluegrass and Celtic music, 3 specific songs for their processional followed by a fun recessional song. Kim wore a beautiful white wedding gown, Her bridesmaids were in a soft light green, and the groomsmen Dress Shirts and Dress pants with Suspenders and a striped green tie. Tom Power, the uncle of the bride, and owner of the farm, officiated the ceremony, and they each recited their own vows along with a couple choice literary selections. They said I do, exchanged rings and adjourned with their wedding party to another section of the farm for pictures, while their guests headed off to the cocktail spot just a bit further up the way from the ceremony. They had an array of refreshments and an assortment of goodies and Passed Hors D’oeuvres.

Fun Cocktail hour music!Jamie Pearson of Big Phil Records playing cocktail hour

Cocktail hour was fun & relaxed. Kim's dad wow'd the crowd by doing a couple jigs to the Irish folk tunes they were playing. Once everyone returned from pictures, I readied the guests to receive the Newlyweds, and brought them in with a soft (relatively) entrance to Led Zeppelin's When The Levee Breaks. Joyce, the mother of the groom welcomed and thanked the family and friends, and gave a sweet warm  toast to her son and new daughter in law, then, following the Blood family tradition, Hannah, the youngest in the family in attendance said grace.

Lobster was on the menu! What else are you going to serve 100 of your closest friends and family when so many of them are from away and you want to show them a true taste of Maine!? They also offered Chicken & Steak, but there is no question Lobster was the favorite! The cooking was left in the always capable hands of my friends at CVC Catering. April and her team did an amazing job making sure everything was just right, and every guest was well taken care of.

When in Maine, It's got to be Lobster!The Bride enjoying Lobster!

Once the newlyweds had finished eating, they headed to the field for a couple sunset photos, then it was time for more toasts, beginning with the father of the bride, then Best man, brother of the bride Jeremy, followed by a few close friends.

Father of the Bride's toastKim's expressive Dad sharing his thoughts

Best Man's ToastChris's best friend and best man's toast

A toast to the newlyweds from the brother of the bride!Kim's brother Jeremy

Then it was on to cake cutting, done to Not Fade Away by the Grateful Dead, and right into the first set of dancing!


Chris always knows just where to stand...Getting ready to cut the cake

Thanks to all for sharing our wedding day with us!A thank you from the newlyweds

They were ready to dance!Dancing!

After about 15-20 minutes the center of the dance floor opened up and is was time for the first dance of the new Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Kim Blood! They chose the live recording of Pearl Jam's version of Neil Young's Harvest Moon.

Newlyweds first dance on their wedding day

Mother and Son Dancing

Bride and brother dancing

Doing the wedding boogie!

The groom and his mom followed with a song chosen by his mom, "A Mother's Song" by Tony Carter, and then Kim danced with her brother in place of her dad as he wasn't feeling well at the time. Finally a couple of traditional dances got dancing started off right, and they kept right on dancing through the night! Two families became one, and an epic celebration capped of an amazing day. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Chris and Kim Blood!

Uplit tent at Power Farm in Maine
Partying late into the night!

Brittany & Ned Saturday July 16, 2016

On Saturday July 16, I had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people on a beautiful property in Standish Maine owned by the grandparents of the groom. It was a beautiful day, and these were two very close, loving, and talented families.

As I arrived at this beautiful stately home in Standish Maine to set up, there were two young pigs roasting on the only thing you would ever want to roast a pig on, that's right, the Oinkmaster 8000! I knew we were in good hands for dinner, Dave Mallari from and was in control. BBQ is one thing, but if it's a pig roast you want, you need The Pig Kahuna, there is no one better.

Pig Roasting for dinner at a Maine wedding reception

The ceremony was by the pond in a space made for ceremonies. The bridesmaids were in purple gowns, Groom and groomsmen were in grey tuxedos. The bride wore a beautiful simple white wedding gown and veil. As she walked down the aisle the piano played a beautiful rendition of Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode. The vows were beautiful, rings were exchanged, they were pronounced man and wife, and The Wedding March played as they headed off for pictures while their family and friends adjourned to the tent for BYOB cocktail hour and some classic jazz for ambiance.

Ned & Brittany Standish Maine Wedding ceremony
Ned & Brittany Standish Maine Wedding ceremony

When the time came, I saw the bridal party begin to collect back by the garage. I headed over introduced myself, checked the names and order, got them lined up, and in they came to Rihanna's "Diamonds", Then, there was a pause, there were trumpets, the crowd rose as I announced The New Mr. & Mrs Ned & Brittany Boxer! as jump Around by house of pain played, their family and friends got out of their seats, and came out to the dance floor to greet them, they danced and hugged... and the music went away as the newlyweds came together for their first dance as husband and wife to a classic they both love, Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. A minute or so in, the guests were invited to join and filled the dance floor.

Brittany danced with her dad to Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw, and about a minute in all fathers and daughters joined. Next, Ned danced with his mom to Wildflowers by Tom Petty. Mothers and sons joined after about a minute then dinner was ready. Before the buffet was open, there was a very important task for the groom - cut the head off the pig with a special knife just for the occasion, and bring it to the head table. The tables were names after the bride and grooms favorite date locations, from Peaks Island to Pemaquid Point and beyond. Once the buffet was opened Ned and Brittany's guests were treated to a pig roast like you read about including baked beans and corn bread. Once everyone was fed, the best man gave a warm, funny, heartfelt toast, after which the bride surprised the groom with a small wedding cake brought into the tent by her mom, an awesome moment for a groom who is more accustomed to being the surprisor than the surprisee. Then dancing began... and didn't end until 1AM with an exciting 3 song mini-concert of his bands favorite hits (all three band mates were there, and participated fully). This was an amazing, fun, beautiful day I won't soon forget! Congratulations Ned and Brittany!

BrittanyNed1sm BrittanyNed2sm BrittanyNed3sm

There's so much to say on this subject. Here is very simply an overview. An entree to the next step. If you would like more details, or to share your experiences, please! Comment below 🙂

There is a process they all go through that begins with Will You Marry Me? followed by an emotional explosion, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, sometime screams of yes yes yes! or Oh My God!, or in at least for one couple I worked with, and I quote... "shut up!"

Then the research begins, and you learn quickly that the very first thing you need to do is choose; do you want the ceremony in the same location as the reception? This is often a decision that involves parents and family traditions. My wedding for example, was in the same church as her parents. It had strong sentimental value to my wife and her family.

Once this established, book the church or ceremony venue, if you'll be having your wedding and reception in separate locations, or the ceremony and reception location if they are all in one place, then the DJ or photographer (these two constantly vie for 2nd place after the venue(s), followed by the finer details.

The venue(s) DJ & photographer are often booked with minimal information as to what to expect on your wedding day. Sometimes the information is there, but the newness of the engagement, and the flood of emotions are still washing over you, & keeping you from absorbing the information.

All of this happens anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before the actual wedding day, and a lot of time lapses between that time of booking things, and the time of planning things, so in essence, this first in person planning meeting often unleashes a torrent of information that is almost as overwhelming as the initial "Will You Marry Me?", though it does wear off a little quicker 🙂

It's for this reason that, as a DJ, I like to have my first client meeting at least 6 weeks before the wedding, and give them a good week to absorb it all. In my next post I will attempt to help you, the Bride, and/or Groom to be ready for that first meeting. While every DJ is going to have their own things that make their services special, tomorrows entry will be about the things you should be ready to discuss, and or at least have thought about on that first meeting. I'd have put them in today's blog post, but I have run out of time. stay tuned...

Musically yours, Mike

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I've never had a serious blog, so I am excited to give this a shot. I am going to make it a little different from most typical wedding and event blogs. Most blogs that I have seen are little more than a basic wedding day detail.

My intent here is to offer tips as I go. I work a lot. I do weddings, I do karaoke events, I do camp events of all kinds. I do Birthday Parties, Anniversary parties... Even a Leap Day Party!

I just really enjoy people and music, and I hope I can offer highlights of my events and tips on how to make yours better. They say hindsight is 20/20. Perhaps I could call this blog hindsight. But that wouldn't cover it, because there will also be, as there always are, solutions on the fly, and tips to prevent what I already know would be ahead. Oh yes, and the highlights of course!

Thanks for checking in! I look forward to seeing you on the trail!