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Standish Maine Wedding Ceremony
Ned & Brittany Standish Maine Wedding ceremony

Congratulations on your engagement! You said Yes!  and Maine is the perfect setting for a fairy tale wedding 🙂 Now there are 2 things to plan, your wedding ceremony...

And your wedding reception!


Your Maine Wedding DJ at M&M Entertainment is here to help!

Your ceremony is about you and your soon to be husband/wife. It’s about the vows, the dress, the tux, the rings, and the music that are perfect for you. To a degree, the reception is as well, but you want your guests to have fun too.

Your Wedding reception is the celebration of an achievement, a commitment, a union. Your guests are coming from far and wide bearing gifts, and sharing in your joyful experience. How do you want to celebrate with them? How do you want to say Thank you to them for coming to your wedding reception?

Stage Neck Inn, Wells Maine, Maine Wedding Ceremony
Celebrating after the ceremony!

As a professional Maine Wedding DJ, I know everyone celebrates differently. Everyone has a unique tradition. What is your style? How do you celebrate? Do you have a vision of how you want everything to look? How it will sound? How it will feel? Do you have a vision of how you would like your Maine wedding to be remembered? Who do you trust to carry out your vision?

M&M Entertainment's Professional Maine Wedding DJ services have been helping brides and grooms in Maine plan their perfect wedding celebration since 1995. Maine and New England Weddings comprise the single largest segment of our business.

Maine Wedding DJ Mike Mahoney getting the Wedding guests Dancing
Dancing at the Stage Neck Inn!

With an experienced professional Maine wedding DJ as your guide...

You can select any, or all of the songs to play for each of those special moments of your wedding day. You will also have help crafting those moments to make each one seem magical. Most importantly, as your professional Maine Wedding DJ, I intend to make this event uniquely yours. I always welcome the opportunity to help you with your wedding traditions; new, classic, modern, and unique to your family.

At M&M Entertainment, we understand that you have busy lives. Planning your Maine wedding becomes all that more complicated when you no longer live in Maine, and no matter what, that planning takes up a huge chunk of your already hectic schedule. We are here for you. We are always available to answer your questions either by phone, email, or of course in person. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. At M&M Entertainment, we treat every aspect of creating and performing your wedding day with the care and attention to detail you and your event deserve.

We want you and your guests to leave your wedding saying things like:

"M&M entertainment helped make our wedding amazing! The DJ was the last wedding vendor on our list to book and I am so glad we got in contact with Mike. He had a wonderful open line of communication throughout the entire planning process and had an awesome online wedding planner that was very helpful. He went out of his way to meet with my husband and I three separate times to make sure everything was in order before the big day. 

On our wedding day people were on the dance floor before the bridal party was even back from pictures! There was consistently at least 20-30 people rocking it out on the dance floor. He had a great energy about him that carried through the entire reception. He was also extremely helpful at keeping my wedding on schedule. We had a few delays in the day but he made sure to find me and keep everything moving along. I would highly recommend him and if I am ever in need of a DJ again I will be contacting Mike!"               Jamie & Nicole - Maine Wedding Barn, Minot ME 08-19-17

Thanks for checking out M&M Entertainment for your wedding!

We'd love to be the DJ's you choose for your Maine Wedding! Contact me personally to discuss your wedding plans. Whether your question is DJ related or not, music related or otherwise,   I would love to hear from you!

Yours for a great reception, Michael J. Mahoney, M&M Entertainment

Maine Wedding DJ and lighting at Power Farm in Falmouth, Maine
Oh What a night!

*Have you been to a lot of weddings? Got an obnoxious family member you don't trust with a glass in one hand and a piece of silverware in the other? Maybe it's time to think about Glass Clinking Alternatives!

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