Weddings, What to do after you say “I do”

There's so much to say on this subject. Here is very simply an overview. An entree to the next step. If you would like more details, or to share your experiences, please! Comment below 🙂

There is a process they all go through that begins with Will You Marry Me? followed by an emotional explosion, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, sometime screams of yes yes yes! or Oh My God!, or in at least for one couple I worked with, and I quote... "shut up!"

Then the research begins, and you learn quickly that the very first thing you need to do is choose; do you want the ceremony in the same location as the reception? This is often a decision that involves parents and family traditions. My wedding for example, was in the same church as her parents. It had strong sentimental value to my wife and her family.

Once this established, book the church or ceremony venue, if you'll be having your wedding and reception in separate locations, or the ceremony and reception location if they are all in one place, then the DJ or photographer (these two constantly vie for 2nd place after the venue(s), followed by the finer details.

The venue(s) DJ & photographer are often booked with minimal information as to what to expect on your wedding day. Sometimes the information is there, but the newness of the engagement, and the flood of emotions are still washing over you, & keeping you from absorbing the information.

All of this happens anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before the actual wedding day, and a lot of time lapses between that time of booking things, and the time of planning things, so in essence, this first in person planning meeting often unleashes a torrent of information that is almost as overwhelming as the initial "Will You Marry Me?", though it does wear off a little quicker 🙂

It's for this reason that, as a DJ, I like to have my first client meeting at least 6 weeks before the wedding, and give them a good week to absorb it all. In my next post I will attempt to help you, the Bride, and/or Groom to be ready for that first meeting. While every DJ is going to have their own things that make their services special, tomorrows entry will be about the things you should be ready to discuss, and or at least have thought about on that first meeting. I'd have put them in today's blog post, but I have run out of time. stay tuned...

Musically yours, Mike

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