Alternatives to Clinking Glasses to get the bride & Groom to kiss

The Love Game
In order for the bride & groom to kiss, everyone sitting at a table must stand up & sing a line or verse of a song with the word love in it.

Guests would stand & recite a clean joke to be enjoyed by all

Guests would be required to make a donation to the bride & grooms charity of choice

Improvisation Game
Tie a balloon to each chair, or have a few balloons on each table, each with a message inside. In order for the bride & groom to kiss, a balloon must be broken, & the instructions in the message must be followed. for example, the message might say "tell a joke" or tell us a memory you have of either the bride or groom from childhood, etc.

Write all the names of all the couples attending on slips of paper. Then, either put them in a bowl at the head table, or put them in balloons located at each individual table. When the guests clink, either a balloon is popped, or a slip of paper drawn from the head table (depending on the version you have chosen) the couple named on the slip of paper must kiss.

Bride & Groom Trivia:
The bride & groom write 20-30 questions & answers on slips of paper & hand them to the emcee. When the guests clink, the emcee reads one of the questions. This is a great one from a control perspective, because when the emcee initially announces the game, the audience is told that immediate family are prohibited from answering the questions. Once the bride & groom have had a chance to sit down & relax, & enjoy there meal, the emcee can announce" while the immediate family is prohibited from answering the questions, I never said they couldn't clink the glasses. Then the activity really heats up. Because the bride & groom are together visiting with their friends & family so they are less likely to be disturbed & more likely to be flattered at that point.